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The Actual Vengerov!

January 23, 2013

I was amazed by the response to my first few reviews of music, so I have scoured the Internet to find the some recordings. Here are some samples from the Vengerov CD for those who would like to hear more. I will try to find the Khachaturian within a few days.

The third movement of Lalo Symphonie Espagnole (my personal favorite):

The third movement of the Saint-Saens Violin Concerto No. 3 (if you have only a few minutes, listen beginning three minutes from the end)

Unfortunately, I could not find the Tzigane, but I did find a video of an encore he did in Canada of a piece by Khachaturian!


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  1. Thank you, it’s lovely to listen again to Lalo, the 3rd movement has a lot of Spanish motifs (in my opinion), I also love it, I as well find 1st movement pretty charming. Yesterday, coincidentally I read something on Edouard Manet, the French painter who was at the same period with E. Lalo, Manet’s art was deeply influenced by the Spanish paintings, dances and musics, which were very popular by that time. I wonder if Lalo was also inspired by that direction so that he composed La Symphonie Espagnole?

    • journeythroughnews permalink

      Perhaps…however, I do know that many french artists, musical and otherwise, had a fascination with Spain at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Thank you for your musings!

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